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  • Passion fulfils Dreams, and a Glorious History has been built in 10 years

    View: 1062, Date: 2015-05-11

    -----Written on the 10th anniversary of XDC Industries In May, everything is full of vigor and vitality. What's more, May is a month that promises a bumper harvest.In a season brimming with passion, we embraces the magnificent 10th anniversary of XDC Industries with a new look and outstanding achievements.In the past 10 years we have witnessed great expansion, but the road was bumpy and we went through numerous storms. In the past 10 years we have never stopped soul-searching, never come to a standstill, and we have just kept trying and making improvements.In the past 10 years we have weathered hard times together, and have forged ahead with determination. Thanks to the joint efforts of all people working in XDC Industries, XDC Industries has won the glory today.Development of XDC Industries in the past 10 years is inseparable from the correct leadership of President Shi Weiping and general manager Xue Feng, the support of all the directors who jointly established the corporation, and the workers on ordinary posts who have always been working diligently. We all witnessed the great development made by XDC Industries. President Mr. Shi thanks all of you for your contribution and expresses his sincere hope on future development of XDC Industries.We spent a decade grinding a sword. After several years' of accumulation of experience and technologies, XDC Industries have boasted the automatic locking technology of radio frequency metal components, deep-drawing forming technology of special material, and many other advanced technical processes; XDC Industries have obtained quite a number of core patent technologies and non-core patent technologies; XDC Industries have been accredited the certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO/TS16949 in succession. XDC Industries was enlisted as a member of the" Top 100 strong Communications Industries corporation in China". The solid strength of our corporation and complete quality guarantee system have earned trust of more and more overseas clients. Clients from India, South Africa, Germany and Poland visited our corporation one after another for business negotiation.After 10 years' development, products of XDC Industries cover communications industry, cars industry, and 3C industry, and our corporation is in a stable cooperation relationship with brand corporations such as Nokia, Sanmina, Flextronics, CommScope, Dafu Science and Technology Co., LTD., Guoji Shanghai and so on. XDC Industries won the title of "3A High-Integrity Enterprise of Import and export enterprises". At the end of 2012, XDC Industries completed the reform of becoming a joint stock company and renamed as Shenzhen Xintian Science and Technology Co., Ltd.XDC Industries have developed, with the glory and achievements, for 10 years. There is no swift changes that seas change into mulberry fields in the 10 years, however, XDC Industries have begun to show great vitality, and entered a stable and fast development orbit. The 10th anniversary serves not only as a milestone for XDC Industries, but also a new start point full of hope. Review the past and cherish the history. A bright future and promising prospect is in front of us. We believe highly motivated XDC Industries will passionately stride over obstacles, and make new achievements. Let's all the employees of XDC Industries, under the correct leadership of our corporation, unite as one, closely cooperate, and jointly create another 10 years' of miracle and glory in our corporation's development.