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Travel Notes of XDC Technology in 2018

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    On September 1 and 2, 2018, in order to enrich the cultural life of the staff and improve the welfare of the company, thank you for your hard work and hard work. All the employees of XDC Science and Technology Organization Company go out to travel. This tour is divided into two groups. The first group goes to Qingyuan Shilong Gorge drifting, the second group goes to ZhuHai Changlong Sea Kingdom, Yuanmingxin Garden to play, although it rains on the same day, it can not water the hearts of everyone to play.

     Known as the "roller coaster on the tip of the wave," Gulong Gorge drifting, Guangdong is the most exciting drifting, not one. When the first group of employees entered the scenic area, the two groups boarded a kayak and began to calm the stream. Then the first dangerous beach came to its front and fell suddenly from the height, when the cold stream was beating like a beast. Wet all over, the water roared, the waves fluctuated, a cry, and then calm. So we sat in the rafting boat and couldn't wait to fight a water fight.20180901清远漂流集体照微信图片_20180904142707

    Changlong Ocean Kingdom fully integrates rare marine animals, top amusement equipment and novel large performing arts, and makes great efforts to create the world's top, largest, most abundant and imaginative marine animal theme leisure park. The second group of employees entered the long Sea Kingdom and played parrot roller coasters, iceberg roller coasters, rainforest towers, super torrents, and so on. They watched beluga whales, dolphin shows, sea lions, etc. The deep-sea world and so on various kinds of laughter, the exclamation sound, lets the staff thoroughly relax the mood, the release ego, like inserts the joyful wing, like a bird freely flies in the heaven and earth, lets go of the life worry, unloads the work pressure, Enjoy the fun of traveling.

    Yuanmingxin Garden is located under the Stone Forest Mountain of Jiuzhou Avenue in Zhuhai. It covers an area of 1.39 square kilometers. It is built from 18 of the 40 scenes selected by Beijing Old Summer Palace and selected according to 1:1 scale. It is one of the first 4A scenic spots in China. At the entrance of Yuanmingxin Garden, everyone shouted, "is the tour guide handsome or not?" after taking the group photo, they began to watch the palaces. There were many "emperors, queens, concubines, and beauties" taking all kinds of beautiful photos. Some of our employees have also passed the emperor's addiction.

    Although the two groups of different locations, but the purpose is the same, is a deep sense of XDC people team activities, both increased vitality and feelings, both show self and strengthen the team spirit. Promote the harmony of labor relations and the sense of belonging, so that employees more identify with the corporate culture.