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“Walk Hand in Hand, Heart by Heart” XDC Annual Meeting Successfully Held

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XDC’s annual meeting was held at Tanhai Hotel on Feb 2nd, 2018 and the theme was “Walk hand in hand, Heart by Heart”. All the staffs and company leaders attended the meeting and shared their happiness.

The annual meeting formally began after a magnificent video was played on 6 pm. President Lin and Chairman Xue of the Board gave us a speech. Lin recognized the achievements we got in the past year and told us the difficulties we are facing and he hoped every single one in XDC can walk hand in hand, heart by heart and rise to the challenges.  Xue asked us to develop our innovating sense and try to work in a better way, live in a better way. 

Afterwards, Xue and Lin presented the trophies and awards to the winner of Excellent Team to recognize the great contribution they made to the company over the past year.

The opening dance Bloom and Prosper brought the atmosphere up. Links of lucky drawing among funny short sketches, wonderful songs and dances made everyone happy. People started to interact and further their affection.

Things happened in the past year. Company successfully landed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange Chinext and set up a subsidiary focus on investment management. Ameba system and ERP system went on line. The company was doing its best to raise work efficiency and response speed by expanding the market and perfecting internal governance. We have our goals and we can see our path. Though we will have many difficulties, I hope we can meet them with a new look, with a new attitude. Lets use our passion in the new year. Let walk ahead hand in hand, heart by heart!