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MBA Teachers and Students from China University of Political Science and Law Visited XDC

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A visiting group consisting of MBA Teachers and Students from China University of Political Science and Law had visited XDC Songgang Branch along with company leaders and staffs from Administration Department and Board Office.

VP Guowu Fu gave a brief introduction about the company to the teachers and students in the training room at 2 pm. Clearly the students knew well about our company. They asked questions in the coming communication part about our corporate performance, technological superiority of products, developing plan, industry foreground, projects by raised capital, restrictions on sale of shares and duties of Board Secretary and VP Mr. Fu, Board Secretary Xiaoli Cheng, independent director Jiye Hu answered them one by one.

The visiting group was divided into 3 parts and led by COO Shuanghai Sun, manager of CNC Production Department Shuliang Yang and manager of Stamping Production Department Xuehong Song to visit our production line and workshop after the communication part was over. XDC management introduced our managing system and production technology to the teachers and students and they spoke highly of our efficiency and technology.

Chairman Feng Xue of the Board arrived later and had a short talk with the visiting group. Teachers and Students expressed their best wishes to XDC and left after taking some photos with company leaders at 4 pm.