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Outstanding performance, Steady operation XDC Online performance briefing for year 2016 successfully held

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XDC (Stock Code 300615) online performance briefing for year 2016 was held on Quanjingwang from 10 to 12 on Apr. 28th, 2017 to help investors to know more about company’s performance and operation in 2016. This briefing was totally on the internet. Chairman Shi Weiping of the board, General Manager Xue Feng, Board Secretary Zhang Suoqiu, Independent director Shi Shuiping and Sponsor representative Liu Hua have attended the briefing.

XDC went listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange Chinext on Feb 15, 2017. This was the first transcript after the company has listed. In year 2016, we had outstanding achievements. During the reporting period, the operating income was over 240 million yuan, 16.35% higher than the year before. The net profit attributable to the parent company owner was nearly 57.5 million yuan, 9.02% higher than the year before.

On the briefing, investors have showed interest in multiple areas such as company’s operating and future plan. They asked many questions and we answered them one by one. They have asked 43 questions and we answered them all so the response rate was 100%.

This briefing was actually a direct communication between top management from XDC and the vast number of investors. Investors got what they wanted to know in the briefing. We believe that the more investors know about our company, the more they will have faith in it.