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Congratulations! XDC got a new invention patent

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Recently, XDC has got an invention patent named “the design method of self - locking force for fastening screw”. It is authorized by State Intellectual Property Office of China, which will establish a better intellectual property protection system of our company.

Locking technology is particularly important in the field of high precision components of communication. As a National Hi-tech Enterprise, XDC has been devoted to developing and producing high quality products and keeping researching on RF metal components. The design method of self - locking force for fastening screw can be widely used because of its convenience and practicability and it’s one of XDC’s core technologies. This invention fully demonstrates our management aimpositively investing in talents, technologies and market, keeping innovating.

XDC will further strengthen the capability of active research and development, enhance  the company's core competencies  in the industry of RF metal components and create long-term value for shareholders, employees and the society.