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XDC ChiNext Listing Net Roadshow Successfully Held

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     XDC’s ChiNext IPO net roadshow was successfully held at Quanjingwang’s roadshow hall in the afternoon of Jan 26th. This roadshow was held at the last working day before the Spring Festival. The senior management of our company, sponsor institution and Quanjingwang, such as Weiping Shi, XDC’s chairman and chief engineer, and the secretary of the board, attended the roadshow and answered the questions from investors very scrupulously.

     The fund raised from this issue will be used on mobile communication radio frequency metal components production base construction project and technology center construction project. The total investment will be 249,549,800 yuan. This IPO issued no more than 20 million shares of stock and the total share capital won't be larger than 80 million shares of stock.The online subscriptions will be launched on Feb 3rd, 2017. The subscription price will be 14.37 yuan per share. The purchase code will be 300615 and the purchase abbreviation will be 欣天科技. The payment date will be Feb 7th, 2017.

     The senior management of XDC had a pleasant conversation with the investors during 3 hours, which fully demonstrated our credibility, collaboration, responsibility and progression. The conversation made the investors know more about our developing strategy and standardized operation system.

     The radio frequency metal components industry will usher in an opportunity of great development and have broad prospects on market with the ever improving 4G network and 5G network. XDC will also benefit from this opportunity for it’s on the list of National Hi-tech Enterprise in the field of RF metal components and has advantages of integrated service capacity combining synchronous R&D, initiative R&D and product manufacturing.

     With this listing, XDC will further accelerate the growth, strengthen the company's core competencies and market influence, and create long-term value for shareholders, employees and the society.